Personal Information


A professional self-start with 4 years of SEO experience and 7 years of startup experience. Lead 3 employees while partner at LushLinks. Available for work in the US, Germany, and elsewhere.

Work History

May 2012 - August 2015

Partner, Lush Links


During this period, I was a partner at Lush Links, an SEO consulting agency. We advised over 250 SEO agencies, webmasters, and startups on link building as well as sold backlinks. I was responsible for finding link sources, acquiring customers, and training and leading employees (3). Patrick Coombe, owner of Elite-Strategies, a Florida SEO company, stated "[Lush Links] increased traffic [to] by 9-12%." His contact information can be found below.

November 2012 - January 2015

Founder, KnifeUp


KnifeUp is a knife enthusiast's lifestyle magazine that provides free knife reviews, US knife law guides, and survival tips. It was sold in January 2015 and the site has been redesigned by the new owner.

  • Performed keyword analysis, technical analysis, and on-page SEO to rank for relevant keywords. The site grew from 0 visitors to 90,000 UV/month over the course of my ownership.
  • Tested different layouts and verbiage to improve conversion rates. The mailing list signups increased from .5% to 1.5% after adding an opt-in at the end of legal articles.
  • Wrote very good ad-copy. The mailing list open rate started at 35% and ended at 57% when the site was sold.

June 2010 - December 2012

Self-employed web developer


During this time, I sold websites to small businesses in the Boulder-Denver-Ft. Collins area.

  • Installed, managed, and posted content to WordPress.
  • Code websites based upon PSD mockups.
  • Wrote custom Wordpress plugins.
  • Explained Internet marketing concepts to 40-50 year old, non-technical, blue-collar small business owners.

August 2009 - August 2010

Magento Developer, Ellie's Eco Homestore


Ellie's Eco Homestore was a brick and mortar green retailer in Boulder, CO. The store operated an e-commerce site that listed over 2,000 products.

  • Translated designs created in Photoshop to Magento themes.
  • Created custom e-mail templates that compliment individual e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Wrote BaSH scripts to automate server and Magento maintenance.

August 2009 - August 2010

PHP Developer, National Eco Wholesale


National Eco Wholesale is a green wholesaler in Boulder, CO and also the supplier to Ellies' Eco Homestore.

  • Updated product listings to reflect inventory levels.
  • Tested new designs to improve user experience.
  • Added custom photos to products

SEO Skills


Link Building

Advanced, 6 years

I've spent thousands of hours prospering and building links. I've spent hundreds of hours finding new ways to gain links, ones that other SEOs have yet to find out about. This was what lead me to launch Lush Links as that business was only about selling exclusive, hard to get links.


Technical Analysis

Expert, 3 years

I've spent countless hours looking up competitor backlinks on Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs. I've used MarketSamurai, TermExplorer, SEOquake, Raven SEO, SEM Rush, and SERPWoo to gauge the competition for a keyword. I've studied and written about SEO theories such as PageRank and TrustRank. I know how to find related keywords and pick which ones to target.


Local SEO

Novice-Intermediate, 1 year

I've worked on a few local SEO sites targeting US cities. I'm no expert here but a lot of my global SEO experience applies well in the local SEO setting.


Google Penalties

Novice, 2 years

I've research and written about penalties for Penalty Pros but yet have no experience recovering from one. Thats a good thing!

Marketing Skills


Inbound Marketing

Advanced, 3 years

I've done viral marketing, content marketing, and written tons of articles over a wide variety of topics. I've used social media to promote content and am Inbound Certified by Hubspot.



Intermediate-Expert, 5 years

I've researched customers and wrote ad copy since I was 20. Your copywriting skills increase very fast when its your own product your promoting. I do know people who are better than me so I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I'm very proficient.


Market Research

Intermediate, 5 years

I've research customers, created customer profiles, and developed marketing plans based upon that knowledge. This was used to launch KnifeUp as well as Lush Links and was a key factor in both business's success.


E-mail Marketing

Intermediate, 5 years

I've grown, maintained, and marketed to mailing lists but would not say I'm an expert compared to some other people I know.

Technical Skills


Web development

Intermediate-Expert, 6 years

I know my way around HTML, CSS, PHP, and Linux. I'm capable of dealing with Javascript, Apache, and MySQL. Wordpress is my most familiar CMS but I like plain HTML or PHP sites too.



Novice, 3 years on and off

I've written programs but would not say I'm someone to turn to for a big, complex program. I'm able to work with PHP and BaSH and I've had some Java experience in the distant past.


Page Speed Optimization

Intermediate-Expert, 3 years

Page speed is a vital factor for user satisfaction and search engine traffic. I've increased site traffic by 200% just by reducing page load times. Depending on how the site's programmed, I can optimize it myself if its well documented or Wordpress. Other CMSes will require learning.



Intermediate, 10 years

I've worked with Photoshop since 2005 and can get what I need done but am no wizard like some people on DeviantArt.



US English

Native speaker

I'm at the post-baccalaureate level and still learn new words regularly. I've read, edited, and written on topics ranging from law to medicine. This is the language I'm most comfortable in.



3 years of classes
6+ months in-country

I'm somewhere between A1 and B1, if you are familiar with CEFR. I can hold a 15 minute conversation about everyday topics but my grammar mistakes and huge American accent still leaves me embarrassed a lot of time (Es tut mir leid!).



Native language, conversational
2 months in-country

Being my mother tongue, I am able to get through day-to-day life in Vietnam without any problems. I speak with a Southern dialect and vocabulary.


2009 - 2015

University of Colorado - Boulder

Dual Major, BA in Psychology and BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing

I studied how people think and how to sell to people. The two combined lends itself to an awesome understanding of human nature, needs and wants, and persuasion.

2003 - 2007

Wyoming Park High School


The school district consolidated high schools so my school no longer exists 😢


I've been trained and certified in the following:

  • Hubspot Inbound Certified
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Google Adwords Certified
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Published Works

Speed Up Wordpress in 10 Minutes! Instantly Boost Traffic and Sales with a Faster Website!

This Kindle book teaches readers why page speed optimization is important, how its done manually, and how to do the most important aspects on Wordpress very efficiently.

Local Keyword Magic

This tool generates local keyword to use in keyword research for local SEO. It also comes with population data. It is still in beta.

Ghost writing

I've written articles for a few SEO agencies. Below are some of them:

Wikipedia writing

I contribute to the SEO and marketing categories of Wikipedia. Here are some of the notable articles I've helped with:


Julian Flynn, Marketing Consultant

Julian's a digital marketer in the Boston area. He created FAQFox, a great market research application. He's seen several of my sites and can give you a good analysis of it.

Steve Twomey, SEO Expert

Steve is the owner of You can check his SEO skills by googling "Michigan SEO" or "Traverse City SEO." He should be on the first page if not #1. I've worked with him on a few projects.

Mike Vranjkovic, Marketplace Manager

Mike's a marketplace manager at EmpireFlippers, a website broker. I sold KnifeUp on EmpireFlippers and he can give you an accurate idea of my Internet marketing and SEO skills compared to other individuals who chose to sell their websites with EmpireFlippers.

John Stover, SEO Expert

John owns and we've done business for a few years now. You can ask him about my SEO abilities or even how it's like to work with me.

Hayden Dawes, e-comm SEO Consultant

Hayden is an SEO consultant who I've worked with for 2 years now.

Patrick Coombe, SEO Expert

Pat owns Elite-Strategies, a Florida SEO firm. I've worked with him for about over 2 years. I've also increased traffic to Elite-Strategies by 9-12%.